Four Reasons Influence the Design of Cosmetic Bottles

Four Reasons Influence the Design of Cosmetic Bottles


Every cosmetic company is committed to designing unique cosmetic bottles to make their products stand out in the market. Cosmetics industry is one of the most important packaging material design industry. According to a recent study, the beauty industry is estimated to be worth about $532 billion. In other words, the cosmetics industry is very competitive, and one of the opportunities to stand out from the market is your cosmetic packaging.

What about designing a cosmetic bottle that fits the market? Here’s a look at the factors that influence the design of cosmetic bottles.

Current trend

Everything in the cosmetics industry is designed to make people look more beautiful, and the cosmetics bottle is the best opportunity to show the fashion of the product. Now, cosmetic bottle design trends are getting a little fuzzy, because the two big trends that are trending in 2020 are diametrically opposed: minimalism and luxury. For many skincare companies, they want their bottles to be very simple and modern. On the other hand, some makeup companies may want the products they use to have very luxurious and exaggerated packaging. In other words, you have to know what your product has and what your customers want and cater to them.

Brand image

Every cosmetics brand is unique and should use its ingenuity to its advantage. No brand does not want to get more loyal customers, ordinary customers to become loyal customers is to identify with your brand image and brand story, which is also the charm of brand image. Your brand image is your main competitive advantage, because the story and unique point of view are not replicable by competitors.

User experience

Your customers should always have an extraordinary experience with your product, which includes the product itself, as well as the unpacking experience and convenience of the cosmetic bottles and jars packaging and box. One factor many customers usually consider when choosing cosmetics is its protection. Whether the makeup will be damaged if it falls or gets wet. Your gift box should have some kind of locking mechanism on it to ensure product safety.

Environmental awareness

In recent years, customers will consider the environmental protection of cosmetics bottles more before choosing cosmetics. In fact, we can learn from the retail market, except cosmetics industry, environmental packaging design has become a trend in most industries. This includes using recycled materials and minimising the waste of packaging materials.Whether your brand has been constantly tweaking the packaging, or using the same cosmetic bottles since the brand was founded. We should all align our packaging with current trends, while staying true to brand image, customer experience and environmental awareness.

The above factors affect the design of cosmetic bottles, of course, this is not an absolute standard of judgment. Because in the design of cosmetic packaging bottle, the cost of mold should actually be taken into account. If there is no mold in the market to be re-developed, it is not a small cost. Guangzhou Crystal Sense Packaging Co., Ltd focus on the design, development and production of glass cosmetics packaging, to provide you with one-stop glass cosmetics packaging OEM ODM customized solutions.

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