Guide to Customize Glass Cosmetic Packaging Bottles

Guide to Customize Glass Cosmetic Packaging Bottles


Cosmetic packaging bottles should be unique, attractive and low-key enough to maintain high-end status, do you know what should be included in the customization of cosmetic packaging bottles?

Here are some guide to customize glass cosmetic packaging bottles.

First, identify the target group.
There are some guidelines to follow, though, when it comes to customizing cosmetic bottles. Have you ever walked into a luxury cosmetics store and noticed that the bottles that capture your attention look similar and the target audience for the products are pretty much the same. This is because the brand will first understand the target group of the product before customizing the cosmetics bottle, and then customize the bottle according to the preferences of the target group.

Second, consider the need points for age groups.
Not all product lines of the same brand are similar. Because cosmetics lines aimed at young women may not appeal to middle-aged people. Women’s cosmetics packaging design and men’s cologne design elements in the same line will also be different.

Then add design elements.
After determining the target audience, you can start exploring the basic elements of packaging bottle customization. Although there is no universal way to design your cosmetics packaging bottles. In the luxury goods market, a low-key packaging bottle appearance is usually more attractive than a flashy appearance. Using a single main color in cosmetic packaging bottles can provide a color focal point for the overall packaging bottle.

In addition to color focus, many high-end cosmetics brands also like to add processes such as stamping and embossing to their brand logos to highlight their brand information. The addition of small area stamping and embossing techniques not only maintains the overall low-key of the packaging bottle, but also creates a sense of luxury.

When customizing packaging bottles for your luxury cosmetics brand, consider current trends as design inspiration. But the premise is to determine your target market and obtain design inspiration from the target audience. Their needs will determine how you should design cosmetic packaging bottles for your brand.

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