Full Set of Glass Cosmetic Packaging Bottles Customization

Full Set of Glass Cosmetic Packaging Bottles Customization


Guangzhou Crystal Sense Packaging Co., Ltd. a full set of Full Set of Glass Cosmetic Packaging Bottles Customization, mainly a variety of glass bottle production,electroplating,etc.Specialized in providing sanding, vacuum coating, spraying, screen printing, high temperature, hot stamping/silver processing services. Another can buy bottles, accessories. Reasonable price, quality assurance.

Pure environmental protection imported raw materials, precision workmanship, pharmaceutical glass material, in line with national standards, from the design, production, processing, packaging to every link meticulous, each product do fine. Process excellence, rigorous quality, fine, the symbol of high quality! The paint film hardness of the bottle is over 4H, and the painting grid does not fall off after soaking in 95% alcohol for 48 hours. Bottle coating thickness uniform, good gloss, strong adhesion, high hardness, high density, alcohol resistance, scratch resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent wear resistance.

The factory has advanced production equipment and automatic manipulator UV vacuum coating production line, manipulator spraying production line, manipulator seven-color automatic screen stamping machine production line, and high temperature screen printing furnace.

Note: customized by manufacturers, produced by manufacturers, processed by manufacturers,

Surface processing: vacuum electroplating, baking paint, sand, high and low temperature screen printing, spraying, bronzing and other services.

We have advanced technology and excellence in the process, professional analysis and rigorous and fine quality management, can cooperate with cosmetics brand.

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