“Green packaging” will win more reputation

“Green packaging” will win more reputation


With the country vigorously advocating “green packaging” products and services as the development focus of the industry, the concept of low-carbon environmental protection has gradually become the social theme. In addition to the commodity itself, consumers also pay more attention to the energy saving and environmental protection of packaging. More and more consumers consciously choose light packaging, degradable packaging, recyclable packaging and other related products. In the future, green packaging products are expected to win more market reputation.

The development track of “green Packaging” :
Green packaging originated in 1987, the United Nations Commission on Environment and Development issued “Our Common Future”, in June 1992, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development adopted the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, “Agenda 21”, immediately set off a green wave around the world to protect the ecological environment as the core. According to the understanding of the concept of green packaging, the development of green packaging can be divided into three stages.

The first stage
From the 1970s to the mid-1980s, “Packaging Waste Recycling” says. At this stage, the main direction is to reduce the environmental pollution caused by packaging waste. During this period, the earliest decrees were the United States’ Military Packaging Waste Disposal Standard in 1973, and Denmark’s legislation in 1984 focused on the recycling of packaging materials for beverage packaging. In 1996, China has promulgated the packaging waste treatment and utilization.

The second stage
From the mid-1980s to the early 1990s, “3R, 1D” said. At this stage, the US environmental protection department put forward three suggestions on packaging waste:
1. To reduction of packaging, as far as possible need not or less packaging.
2. Try to recycle packaging containers.
3. Materials and containers that cannot be recycled should be biodegradable. At the same time, many European countries also put forward their own packaging laws and regulations, emphasizing that packaging manufacturers and users must pay attention to the coordination of packaging and environment.

The third stage
“LCA” in the mid to late 1990s. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) : Life cycle analysis. It is known as the “cradle to grave” analysis technology, which takes the whole process of packaging products from raw material extraction to final waste disposal as the research object, carries out quantitative analysis and comparison, in order to evaluate the environmental performance of packaging products. This method of comprehensive, systematic, scientific has been people’s attention and recognition, and as an important subsystem of ISO14000 exists.

Characteristics and concepts of green packaging:
Green packaging delivers brand attributes. Good product packaging can protect product attributes, quickly identify the brand, deliver brand connotation, and enhance brand image.

Three characteristics of “Green packaging”:

1. Safety: The design shall not endanger the personal safety of users and the normal ecological order, and the use of materials shall fully take into account the safety of people and the environment.

2. Energy saving: Try to use energy saving or reusable materials.

3. Ecological: Packaging design and material selection should take environmental protection into consideration as far as possible, using materials that are easy to degrade and easy to recycle.

Design concept of “Green packaging”:

1. Material selection and management in green packaging design: the use and performance of products should be considered when selecting materials, that is, non-toxic, pollution-free and easy to recycle, reusable, easy to decompose and materials, rare and valuable materials should be used as little as possible.

2. Design of product packaging recyclability: At the initial stage of product packaging design, the possibility of recycling and recycling of packaging materials, recycling value, recycling treatment methods, recycling treatment structure and technology should be considered, and economic assessment of recyclability should be carried out to reduce waste to a minimum.

3. Cost accounting of green packaging design: the recycling, reuse and other functions must be taken into account at the initial stage of packaging design. Therefore, in cost analysis, the internal costs of the enterprise should not only be considered in the process of design, manufacturing and sales, but also the costs borne by users and the society in the process of waste use.

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