Is it better to have a lid or a dropper on a glass essential oil bottle?

Is it better to have a lid or a dropper on a glass essential oil bottle?


The choice between a lid or a dropper for a glass essential oil bottle depends on personal preference and specific usage requirements. Both options have their advantages:

1. Lid or Cap: Using a lid or cap without a dropper allows for easy access to the essential oil. This is convenient when you need to pour larger quantities or when you prefer to use your own dropper, pipette, or other measuring devices. Lids or caps provide a simple and straightforward method of opening and closing the bottle.

amber essential oil glass bottle with black cap

2. Dropper: Having a dropper attached to the bottle can be beneficial for more precise and controlled dispensing of essential oils. Droppers allow you to measure out individual drops, which can be helpful when following specific recipes or when you want to ensure accurate dosing. They can also make it easier to apply the oils directly onto the skin or into diffusers.

glass dropper bottle for serum essential oil

Ultimately, the choice between a lid or dropper depends on factors such as personal preference, the intended usage of the essential oil, and specific application methods. Some individuals may prefer to have both options available, as different situations may call for different dispensing methods.

It’s worth noting that when using a dropper, it’s important to handle it hygienically to prevent contamination or cross-contamination of the essential oil. This can include ensuring that the dropper is clean and properly inserted into the bottle to maintain the integrity of the oil.

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