What color of glass essential oil bottle is more popular?

What color of glass essential oil bottle is more popular?


Amber glass is generally the most popular color choice for essential oil bottles due to its practical and protective properties. However, other colors of glass bottles are also used and have their own appeal. Some common alternative colors include:

amber glass essential oil bottle

1. Cobalt Blue: Cobalt blue glass bottles are also popular for storing essential oils. Similar to amber glass, cobalt blue provides protection against UV light. Additionally, some people believe that the blue color helps to maintain the energetic properties of the oils.

blue essential oil glass dropper bottle

2. Clear Glass: Clear glass bottles are transparent and allow the colors of the essential oils to be visible. This can be aesthetically pleasing, especially when the oils have vibrant hues. However, clear glass does not provide as much protection against UV light, so it may not be ideal for long-term storage.

clear glass dropper bottle for essential oil

3. Green Glass: Green glass bottles offer a similar level of UV protection as amber and cobalt blue glass. The green color gives a fresh and natural appearance, which can be appealing for certain types of essential oils.

green glass dropper bottle essential oil bottle

Ultimately, the choice of glass color for essential oil bottles is subjective and may vary depending on personal preferences, intended use, and marketing strategies. Amber glass remains the most commonly used and widely recognized choice due to its proven track record in preserving the quality of essential oils.

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