what’s the principle of airless vacuum cosmetic bottles and jars?

what’s the principle of airless vacuum cosmetic bottles and jars?


The principle behind airless vacuum cosmetic bottles and jars is to create a vacuum seal that prevents air from entering the container, thus minimizing product oxidation and contamination. Here’s a breakdown of how airless vacuum packaging works:

1. Design: Airless vacuum cosmetic bottles and jars typically consist of a few essential components, including a bottle or jar, a piston or diaphragm, and a dispensing mechanism such as a pump or press-button.

2. Piston or Diaphragm: The container is equipped with a movable piston or diaphragm, generally made of flexible materials like rubber or silicone. This piston acts as a barrier between the product and the outside air.

3. Vacuum Effect: When the packaging is initially assembled, the piston or diaphragm is pushed towards the bottom of the container. This creates a vacuum space between the piston and the product.

airless lotion pump cosmetics bottle

(airless lotion pump cosmetics bottle)

4. Dispensing Mechanism: To access the product, the user operates the dispensing mechanism, such as pressing a pump or pressing a button. This action reduces the air pressure in the container, causing the piston or diaphragm to move upward and compressing the product.

5. Product Dispensing: As the piston or diaphragm moves upward, the compressed product is forced out of the container through the dispensing mechanism. This ensures that the product is dispensed without exposure to external air, maintaining its freshness and integrity.

6. Vacuum Seal: After dispensing, the piston or diaphragm returns to its original position due to the vacuum created. This vacuum then prevents air from re-entering the container, sealing it and protecting the remaining product from oxidation and contamination.

airless cosmetics cream jar bottle

(airless cosmetics cream jar bottle)

Benefits of Airless Vacuum Packaging:
– Increased Shelf Life: By minimizing contact with air, this packaging method helps extend the shelf life of cosmetic products, particularly those susceptible to degradation or spoilage when exposed to air.
– Preserves Product Integrity: The vacuum seal protects the cosmetic formulation from oxidation, UV exposure, and bacterial contamination, ensuring the product’s efficacy, potency, and stability.
– Controlled Dispensing: The design of airless vacuum packaging allows for precise and controlled dispensing of the product, reducing waste and ensuring hygienic use.
– Enhanced Product Safety: The airtight seal helps prevent the introduction of external contaminants, such as dirt, bacteria, or pollutants, reducing the risk of product contamination and maintaining a high level of safety.

Airless vacuum cosmetic bottles and jars have become popular in the skincare industry due to their effectiveness in preserving product quality and enhancing user experience.

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