Why amber glass essential oil bottles so popular?

Why amber glass essential oil bottles so popular?


Amber glass essential oil bottles are popular for several reasons:

1. Protection from light: Amber glass bottles have a dark hue that helps protect the essential oils from the damaging effects of sunlight. Sunlight exposure can degrade the quality and efficacy of essential oils over time.

2. Extended shelf life: The amber glass provides a barrier against UV light, which can cause oxidation and spoilage of the essential oils. By preserving the oils’ integrity, amber bottles help extend their shelf life.

amber boston glass dropper bottle for essential oil

3. Aesthetics: The rich, warm color of amber glass is visually appealing and creates an attractive display for essential oils. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any collection of oils.

4. Convenient storage: Amber bottles often come with specialized features such as dropper inserts or rollerballs, which make it easy to measure and apply essential oils. These bottles are designed for practical use and allow for precise dispensing.

5. Environmental friendliness: Amber glass bottles are recyclable and reusable, promoting sustainability and reducing plastic waste. Many people appreciate their eco-friendly nature and prefer them over plastic alternatives.

amber glass dropper bottle

It’s important to note that while amber essential oil bottles offer benefits in terms of preservation and presentation, the quality and purity of the essential oils themselves are equally crucial.

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