As a skin care cosmetic packaging buyer, what knowledge system need to know?

As a skin care cosmetic packaging buyer, what knowledge system need to know?


When the industry is mature and the market competition is fiercer, the professionalism of the industry practitioners can reflect the value. But for many skin care cosmetic packaging suppliers, the most painful thing is that many brands are not very professional in purchasing skin care cosmetic packaging. When communicating with them or negotiating with them, because of the lack of common sense of packaging materials, the price cannot be explained. The following brief analysis is made on why many new purchases are unprofessional and what causes this problem:

First, the lack of expertise in skin care cosmetic packaging procurement
1.many buyers are halfway monks.
In the cosmetics industry, many buyers are from the merchandising, production, and even administrative transfer, because many bosses think that buying things, money is very simple, such a thing, is capable of.

2, the brand lack of professional packaging material training.
Induction training, in the brand there, marketing training is the most perfect, but for the procurement of skin care cosmetic packaging, it is very difficult, one is not attached importance to, two is the training teacher himself has not engaged in manufacturing, he also do not understand.

3. There is a lack of systematic training materials for entry-level buyers in the market.
Many brand owners also hope that they can train the skin care cosmetic packaging purchasers well, but there are too many categories of packaging materials, the types of internal outsourcing are too different, there are many categories of professional knowledge involved, and there is a lack of specialized books on the purchase of cosmetic packaging materials on the market, leading to no way to start.

As a new skin care cosmetic packaging buyer, how to change from amateur to professional, need to know what basic knowledge? Let me give you a brief analysis.

In our opinion, we need to know at least three aspects:

first, product knowledge of packaging materials; second, supplier development and management; and third, common knowledge of packaging materials supply chain.

Packaging material products are the foundation, supplier development and management is actual combat, packaging material supply chain management to improve, the following brief description of the three aspects of knowledge:

Second, new procurement needs to understand the knowledge of packaging materials products:

1. Knowledge of raw materials
Raw materials are the basis of cosmetic packaging materials. There is no good packaging materials without good raw materials. The quality and cost of packaging products are directly related to raw materials. With the continuous rise and fall of the raw material market, the cost of packaging materials will also rise and fall. Therefore, as a good amateur purchasing personnel, we should not only understand the basic knowledge of raw materials, but also understand the market conditions of raw materials, so as to effectively control the core cost of packaging materials. The main raw materials of cosmetic packaging materials are plastic, paper, glass, etc., and the plastic is mainly ABS, PET, PETG, PP and so on.

2. Basic knowledge of mold.
Mold is the key to cosmetic packaging material molding, mold is the mother of packaging material products, packaging material product quality, production capacity are directly related to the mold, mold design, material selection, manufacturing cycle is long, so many small and medium-sized brand companies like to choose mold products, on the basis of regeneration design, so as to quickly develop new packaging material, after packaging, listed. Basic knowledge of mold, such as injection mold, extrusion mold, bottle mold, glass mold, etc.

3. Manufacturing process.
Packaging material molding, need by a variety of process combination, such as pump head packaging by a combination of parts, each part is manufactured by a multi-channel manufacturing process, such as injection molding, surface spraying treatment, graphic hot printing, finally multi accessories automatic assembly, the formation of a finished packaging material. Packaging material manufacturing process is mainly divided into three stages, forming process, surface treatment and graphic printing process, and finally the combination process. Commonly used manufacturing processes are injection molding, spraying, electroplating, screen printing, heat transfer printing and so on.

4. Basic knowledge of products.
Each packaging material product is made through the comprehensive organization of packaging material factory and through multiple processes. According to the characteristics of the cosmetics industry, we divide the packaging material into skin care packaging material, makeup packaging material, washing protection packaging material, perfume packaging material and auxiliary packaging material. Skin care packaging material includes plastic bottles, glass bottles, hose, pumps, etc. Makeup packaging material includes air cushion box, lipstick tube, powder box, etc.

5. Basic product standards.
Small package material, directly determines the brand image, but also directly determines the consumer experience, therefore, the quality of packaging material is very important, the current country or industry lack of relevant packaging material quality requirements, so each enterprise has its own product standards, which is also the focus of the current industry debate.

Third, new procurement needs to understand supplier development and management knowledge.

When you learn the raw materials, technology, quality, then the following is to accept actual combat, from the company’s existing supplier resources start to understand, then will conduct the source search, development and management of new suppliers. There is both game and coordination between procurement and suppliers, and it is very important to balance the relationship. As an important part of the future supply chain, the quality of packaging material suppliers directly determines one of the important factors for brand enterprises to compete in the terminal market. At present, there are many channels developed by suppliers, including traditional offline channels and emerging network channels. How to choose effectively is also a reflection of specialization.

Four, new buyers need to understand the packaging material supply chain knowledge
Products and suppliers are components of the packaging material supply chain, and a complete packaging material supply chain includes external suppliers as well as internal procurement, development, storage, planning, processing and filling, etc., thus forming the life cycle chain of packaging material products. For the procurement of packaging materials, we should not only connect with external suppliers, but also connect with the company’s internal, so as to make packaging materials finish from beginning to end, forming a new round of procurement closed loop.

As can be seen above, there is a specialization in the business, a general procurement into professional procurement, not three or five years down, it is not realistic. From this can also be seen, packaging material procurement is not just any money to buy to buy, this as a brand owner boss, but also to change the concept, respect professional, respect employees. With the integration of Internet technology and packaging material industry, packaging material purchasing will enter the era of professional purchasing managers. Purchasing managers will no longer rely on the traditional grey income to support their own money, but will prove their ability based on their purchasing performance, so as to match the post income with the ability.

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