Take high-end route, choose glass cosmetics packaging bottle

Take high-end route, choose glass cosmetics packaging bottle


Generally speaking, the material of cosmetics is divided into solid particles (powder), liquid and moisturizing emulsion cosmetics, mud makeup, so that the shape of bottle packaging in the use of skin care cosmetics packaging is more common. At the same time, cosmetics themselves do not have a unique appearance, it must be based on delicate and distinctive packaging design scheme, can mainly show its own characteristics.

In view of the current situation, plastic material bottle packaging advantages are obvious. It is light, high quality and low price, can be made into a variety of sizes, all transparent, not all transparent appearance. At the same time, the packaging printing characteristics of cosmetics plastic bottle packaging is very good, can use the thermal transfer printing process, inkjet printer, packaging printing and other ways to immediately print the use of instructions, signs, bar codes on the surface of the vessel. Moreover, in recent years, PET epoxy resin has developed rapidly in the application of cosmetic utensils, which has promoted the transformation of replacing glass bottles with plastic. Plastic products have already occupied 80% of the packaging sales market of cosmetics and become the most critical packaging vessels for cosmetics.

Relative to the proportion of plastic, laminated glass bottle packaging in cosmetics packaging accounts for a smaller proportion, not more than 8%. Crystal Sense Glass cosmetics production and processing shows that laminated glass still has irreplaceable advantages in this industry, is still the preferred raw material for high-end cosmetics in a short time, and the reasons for this situation are as follows.

First, glass skin care cosmetics bottles are better than plastic bottles.Glass cosmetics bottle packaging is more elegant, it can be made of yarn grinding can also be fully transparent, at the same time, the layer sense of glass can make customers’ sense of trust growth, improve the level of cosmetics, which is not guaranteed by plastic packaging. At present, most perfume packaging use glass bottles. For example, the packaging design of women’s perfume from BVLGARI in Spain upholds the exquisite and extraordinary tradition. It highlights its simple wire frame with a flowing frosted glass perfume bottle. The bottle body is mild green, conveying the characteristics of refreshing, elegant and friendly.

Second, the glass bottle packaging is good in airtightness. For some cosmetics with whitening skin and nutritional components, they have a lot of nutritional elements like food, but they are very easy to be oxidized, which requires that their packaging must have good airtightness, to prevent the harm of O2 to this kind of cosmetics. In addition, perfume with volatile substances also has high regulations for the high barrier of packaging. Glass bottle high barrier is strong, no doubt in the maintenance of the content level than plastic bottles. Therefore, some high-grade line of cosmetics choose glass skin care bottle packaging as the preferred choice.

At this stage, plastic cosmetics bottle packaging often occupies a large market share in cosmetic container packaging, and is widely used, but cosmetics glass bottle packaging also has its irreplaceable advantages. Laminated glass packaging of cosmetics should still go to the high-end line in the future, and at the same time, it also needs to improve its technical content, according to the production and processing.

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