What kind Cosmetic packaging bottle suitable for high-end brand?

What kind Cosmetic packaging bottle suitable for high-end brand?


Now the competition in the cosmetics market is fierce, and many businesses have begun to force the high-grade cosmetics market. This is partly because the premium cosmetics market is lucrative and rewarding. On the other hand, high-grade cosmetics represent the image and segment of the brand. Therefore, it’s very important for high-end cosmetics from the product to the packaging.

There are three main materials suitable for high-end cosmetics packaging bottle .

The first type is glass cosmetic packaging bottle, glass cosmetic packaging bottle lock rendering texture and effect, so that many cosmetics brand are willing to use glass cosmetics packaging bottle on the market.

The second type is acrylic cosmetic packaging bottle, the characteristics of this kind of cosmetic packaging bottle is a lot of advantages and characteristics of plastic, durable, not easy to break, the price is relatively cheap, and the appearance is beautiful.

Third, in recent years, especially for China domestic cosmetics, they try to use ceramic packaging for cosmetics packaging bottles to shape the brand and do packaging differentiation.

So, what do cosmetics companies need to pay attention to when choosing package materials?

The first is the price of the cosmetics packaging bottle, because of mass production, try to compare the price, which is related to the later cost.

Secondly, cosmetic bottle design, shape design ability, there are more bottle shape optional. Finally, cosmetic bottle quality, generally speaking, high-grade cosmetic bottle quality must be superior.

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